Business owners have the option to subcontract their complete bookkeeping function to us, or to let us handle only certain areas of their books or to let us fine-tune the accounts/financial information they produce themselves. We do all data capturing, in your office or ours. We can help you set up a filing system – making an audit a walk in the park. Data Capturing of, Suppliers and Customers, Sending Statements, Stock List Control etc.

Accurate record keeping and bookkeeping is the groundwork for accounting and proper reporting. The better you keep your books, the more consequential and relevant the information and reports you will receive.

Our services include the following:


Capturing of cashbooks and doing the bank reconciliations

  • Capturing of cashbooks and doing the bank reconciliations
  • Capturing of invoices
  • Reconciling debtor accounts
  • Producing debtor age analysis
  • Preparing monthly statements
  • We strongly suggest procedures that will decrease the risk of non paying clients
  • Capture of supplier invoices
  • Reconcile your supplier ledger to supplier statements
  • Producing remittance advices.
  • We strongly suggest procedures that will reduce the risk of overpaying suppliers
General Ledger
  • Setting up the general ledger accounts for meaningful and relevant information
  • We uphold your general ledger accounts and reconcile all accounts
  • Weekly Wage Payslips
  • Monthly Salary payslips
  • Monthly EMP201 returns
  • Generate the IRP5's and do the 2 half yearly IRP5 reconciliations
  • Do all your VAT returns and reconcile the Vat control account
  • We will also inform you if your supplier invoices do not comply with the Vat Act and handle any audits from SARS
  • We specialise in providing accounting services, tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping, tax planning and tax advice, to all businesses including Sole Traders, Partnerships, Close Corporations and Individual Taxpayers
  • We offer the best at affordable rates. We provide excellent service to all our clients in ensuring every effort is made to get the job done correctly and timeously



At Smit & Sons we take pride in being different from other accountants.
We clearly explain our work and are happy to act as business advisors in order to help you grow your business.