Payroll Outsource Functions

  • Processing of Monthly and Weekly payroll
  • Calculating allowances, deductions and other company contributions
  • Producing and printing of payslips
  • Processing and printing of all monthly & variance reports
  • Generating and Printing IRP5's and IT3 (a) certificates. (Twice yearly)


Benefits of Oursourcing your Payroll

  • Remove time consuming payroll data capturing
  • Take the stress of IRP5’s out of your hands
  • Full compliance to current tax legislation
  • Minimize fraud risks
  • Professionalism and efficiency will minimize payroll queries
  • Prevent SARS late penalties
  • Solutions for all companies
  • Guaranteed confidentiality


SARS, Payroll, Your Employees and You

SARS are shifting their focus and expect more work from the employer. The reconciliation process of the IRP5’s is proof of this. You, as the company, have the accountability to ensure that the information on the IRP5 is correct. More and more businesses are outsourcing their payroll functions.

Give this some thought!

It saves costs. You don't need to hire specialized employees

  • Time saving
  • Detailed professional reporting
  • Reduction of monthly overheads & headcount
  • Obtaining tax directives
  • Submission of all statutory returns

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