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Your business is growing and you need to register for VAT. To become a VAT vendor you have to qualify. We know how to help you and we deal with the frustrations. VAT is payable every second month.

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PAYE needs to be filed twice yearly as from 2010. Need someone to reconcile and file it for you, we have the knowledge. Remember PAYE needs to be paid on the 7th of each month. SDL (Skills development levies) – Help your business grow and develop your staff. You can claim back from this fund to help pay for training.

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The tax situation is shifting all the time. To keep up with all these changes can be time consuming and costly.

SARS are setting there focal point on auditing and not administrative work. Did you notice that the capturing of VAT, TAX, PAYE, UIF, Income TAX and other return are now the responsibility of the business owner/employees? The SARS E-filing system was created for the TAX Payer. The possibility that your business will be audited in the near future by SARS is much higher than in the past. Getting the necessary TAX advice is very important.

Certain areas in your financial statements are immediately attracting the awareness of SARS. These are identifiable and we can help you to recognize the problem areas and make sure you comply to the law so that you can correct these areas. You necessitate to make sure that your business will survive a tax audit. We can assist you in this by steering you in the right direction or by handling your tax affairs all together.

What is VAT?

  • The tax applies generally to transactions related to goods and services.
  • It is proportional to the price charged for the goods and services.
  • It is charged at each stage of the production and distribution process.
    • The taxable person (vendor) may deduct the tax paid during the preceding stages, that is the burden of the tax is on the final consumer. VAT is only charged on taxable supplies made by a vendor. Taxable supplies include supplies for which VAT is charged at either the standard rate or zero rate, but does not include:
    • Salaries and Wages
    • Hobbies or any private recreational pursuits (not conducted in the form of a business)
    • Occasional private sale of personal or domestic items
    • Exempt supplies


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Persons who make taxable supplies in excess of R1 million (from 1 March 2009) in any 12-month consecutive period are liable for compulsory VAT registration, but a person may also choose to register voluntarily provided that the minimum threshold of R50 000 (from 1 March 2010) has been exceeded in the past 12-month period.

SARS has introduced a new process to register for Vat as from 10 November 2008. In future a person applying for Vat registration or his duly authorised representative will have to visit the SARS office personally to undergo a physical verification process.

The candidate will have to spend time in rows to have his/her business registered for VAT. RICA must be done by way of an original Telkom, utility or electricity bill.
The new changes will also affect businesses at present registered for VAT, as SARS will only make VAT refunds after verifying the registered details of the business. According to SARS they implemented the changes to combat Vat refund scams currently doing the rounds.